The morning Activities and Workshops are generally split by age…

• Bebeteca Workshop: up to 18 months.

• Pequeteca Workshop: 18 to 36 months.

In these two groups, we provide a friendly home environment where children feel comfortable and can learn by imitation. Each group has its rules, its rhythms, its limits and duties, but always the child is treated with respect and love.

• Active Bilingue Escuelita Workshop: 3 – 6 year olds.

Inspired by education in Finland, we offer the children a day of work, based on the active methodology where the child is the protagonist of their own learning. We start with the child’s interests, and, in the childs natural rythum, encourage them to progress and develop. Our educators accompany the child in their development by providing the necessary resources to experiment, investigate, and explore. We focus attention on the realization of recreational activities, favoring the Mental, psychomotor, affective and sensory development.