Why Blossom

Essential differences with schools in this community

• Flexible schedules

• We are open all year

• We are bilingual and work with children in English all day. This is a strong and successful point – all our children leave with a second language.

• Active-Lúdico-Creative Methodology. Children-Family-Teachers; it the combined interaction of all three that allows the children to get maximum benefit of our widom.

• School owned and operated by parents.

• Small groups (babies 4 or 5 per group), class 1 to 2 years (8 to 10 maximum), class 2 to 3 years (13-15 maximum).

• exclusive and very personal treatment.

• We promote social skills among different ages, and cooperative recreational activities

• Registration is per calendar year, not school/academic year.

Some of our convictions are

• Firm belief in the natural goodness of human beings.

• Love and mutual respect as the basis of coexistence.

• Absence of coercion or external pressures to force learning.

• Environment carefully crafted to arouse and sustain the child’s innate curiosity.

• Deep knowledge of the stages of development and sensitive periods in the development of generic human being, in order to use them when they arise.

• Personal attention to each child and their family.